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Flying solo?

As I continue my preparations for The Marathon Ride, I reveal why despite plenty of offers, I’ve decided to go it alone…

Surely overland travel is a lot less daunting if you share the moments, memories, decisions, responsibilities and costs with someone else? But how many chances do you get to be in complete control of your destiny, day after day, week after week? That’s why I’ll be riding solo on The Marathon Ride. Continue reading Flying solo?

The Big Easy?

We’ve all dreamed of quitting our jobs and riding around the world but for many of us, it remains an elusive dream, continually dashed by mortgage payments, pension planning and the prospect of exorbitant college funds for the kids. I’ve decided to push all that to one side for a couple of years, hit the road and worry about it when I return. As I prepare for the longest journey of my life, I wonder whether an armchair traveller can become a true overlander…

Continue reading The Big Easy?