Done and dusted!

Well, that’s it. The Marathon Ride is over for now and it’s ‘back to business’. 40,000km, 25 countries, 9 months — and 5 marathons on 5 continents. A massive thanks to all of you who have followed my journey and offered so many messages of support and encouragement along the way. There were times when I really needed it — and it made all the difference. This short film is for all of you, wherever you may be.

4 thoughts on “Done and dusted!”

  1. Love your posts. I may have missed your finally? I live in Phoenix and am getting ready to travel to Panama in June. Are you still in the US?

    1. Hi Ruben, I’m afraid I’m ‘done and dusted’ for The Marathon Ride. It’s been an incredible experience and I’m hoping there will be more big rides in the near future. Good luck with your Panama trip.

  2. Well done, Andy!
    Followed your adventures or heard something from your parents in law.
    Envy you (not the marathons). Reading your blogs gave me a sort of feeling I joined your adventures.
    Hope to see and read more of those!

    1. Cheers Toon, I’m sure there will be more adventures soon. In fact, my next stop will be Mongolia…

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