Done and dusted!

Well, that’s it. The Marathon Ride is over for now and it’s ‘back to business’. 40,000km, 25 countries, 9 months — and 5 marathons on 5 continents. A massive thanks to all of you who have followed my journey and offered so many messages of support and encouragement along the way. There were times when I really needed it — and it made all the difference. This short film is for all of you, wherever you may be.

“They can’t take that away from me…”

A good friend once told me that you never know what you are capable of until you push yourself right outside your comfort zone, and that’s how The Marathon Ride has been for me so far: a series of challenges of endurance, heat, language, riding, crashing and culture clashing — with a bit of running thrown in for good measure. Continue reading “They can’t take that away from me…”

“All I know is, never bet on the white guy…”

Ten days on, I’m still waiting for my legs to come back to me but I think I left them halfway up ‘Struggle Hill’, outside Pietermaritzburg. Without any shadow of doubt it was the toughest 42km race I’ve ever done, but the Mandela Day Marathon was worth every tortuous, gruelling, sweaty hour of physical and mental anguish, just to have been there.  Continue reading “All I know is, never bet on the white guy…”

Get your head in the game kid!

There are worse places to be stuck than in the highest pub in Africa, but I am well and truly stuck. I’m in Lesotho — the highest Kingdom in the world — and was feeling great yesterday after slipping and sliding my way up the Sani Pass on the big GS but then the wind picked up overnight and it’s now too risky to make the descent. Continue reading Get your head in the game kid!